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Established in August of 2002, Bead Island has been serving the people of sunny Murrieta, California, and beyond. We like to provide a fun, comfortable environment for our customers. You can take a jewelry making class with one of our experienced teachers, have a birthday party for your children and their friends, or just enjoy choosing from our wide selection of unique beads and accessories from all over the world.


My interest in collecting began as a child in Wentzville, Missouri when my parents would take me on weekend outings to antique shops, shows, flea markets, and auctions. I quickly realized that it was fun to hunt for things, so I started collecting antique hair combs and beaded purses. My passion later grew to antique kitchenware. After graduating from University of Missouri with a B.S. in Home Economics (clothing and textiles), I moved several places but ended up here in Southern California. I immersed myself into crafting such as stained glass and quilting, accumulating many windows and fabrics. Over the next 6 years, I put all hobbies on hold to be a full time mother to my two infant daughters, Rachel and Amanda.

Thinking back one day, I realized that the creative side of me was just dying to come out and that “creating” had to be a part of my life again! About twelve years ago, I was out to dinner with a friend and afterwards we decided to walk around a small beach town. One of the shops happened to be a bead store! Fascinated with the endless possibilities of what I could create, I walked out with a $200 bag of beads! Excited about all the colors and textures, I began making simple jewelry. Soon, my friends started to take notice and began placing orders. At one point I got so busy I had to hire an employee to duplicate my designs. As my collecting obsession grew, so did my business.

My bead collection was beginning to take over my house; my single worktable had overflowed into every square inch of every room. Even though my home business was doing well, I still had way more beads than I needed. That’s when I decided to transfer my collection from my house to a store, so that I could share my love of collecting with everyone!


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